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Our Bunnies

Malachi Reed

Malachi was a Stain x Florida White  mix. He was a early birthday gift to me by my bf , July 24th of 2010, he was only 6 weeks old when i got him. Sadly he had a short life and passed away suddenly on December 13th 2011, we miss him very much. He was my beautiful Alice in wonderland rabbit.  He is the father of Binky.

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Brittany Mae

We have Miss Brittany Mae who is a 3 and half year old dutch, her previous owner was a little boy who had passed away from leukemia and the boys mother felt she could not give Miss Brittany the attention she needed. Brittany is the mother of Binky.

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Binky is Miss Brittany and Malachi’s son. He is handsome, messy, bratty, social, sarcastic and loving 1 and half year boy. Who very much loves his stuffed animal that is a pink bunny.

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Cuteness is a spoiled, bossy, energetic, diva like and cute, hence her name,  four month old mini lop.

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Mario is a very sweet, mellow and friendly five year old Blue Harlequin that joined us in January 2013.

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Our recent fuzzy addition to our bunny family is Peanut a rescued lionhead who we found last month on valentines day, he was abandoned outside in the cold Wisconsin weather, due to his ongoing case of Malocclusion.

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