Cage remodeling

Nothing major. I ordered new coroplast for Brittany’s cage. The color purple to match her grids. I plan on giving her a second level. To see if she likes it. If so then maybe add a third shelf for her. also ordered her new stuff. A house, toys, cabbage bowl, and travel carrier She seems to really like her house. She started to box at it and try to flip it over at first. Now she lays in it instead of in front of it. Lol silly bunny. I will post more picture of what I got for her later.

How it begain

Well I first started out with guinea pigs in 2006. My aunt had two piggies for three years. She cared for them but not really the proper way. I ended taking them. Shortly after having them one of the girls passed ebony. I found a friend, Jazz, for the other, smores. Then i brought home Lola and Smores passed away months after. It was Lola and Jazz for about a year or so. Then my aunt got two more pigs from a neighbor. She only took the cause she felt sorry. So after a couple of months my mom told me we were going to take the other two pigs from my aunt. I named them Tinkerbelle and Stella. 2009 my Lola passed. I also rehomed Stella and tink. 2010 a friend gave me her pig cinnamon and my bf’s mom gave me her two in July, she was 7 years old.. So i had 5 pigs. Jazz, Cinnamon, Coco and Puff. But on thanksgiving Cinnamon become sick and passed away. Then in July my bf, who has a friend that owned a pet store, had a bunch of bunny’s and was showing him them. My bf sent me pictures of Malachi. I was like, I WANT HIM!!! LOL And that’s how I got into bunny’s. Early this year my beloved Jazz pass away at 6 years old. I had coco and puff, but with jazz’s passing I needed a break from pigs. I rehomed them and I have focused all of my time into buns. This spring I found Brittany, her pervious owner’s son was given Brittany as he was going though chemo. Which he passed away and his parents weren’t able to give Brittany all of the attention she needed. She was with another bun. At the time I wasn’t sure if it was boy or girl she was with. But now I know. Cause on 4th of July she had 6 babies. One didn’t make it and passed a couple of days later. Then a week later I found one off by its self, he was very cold. I warmed him up and put him back with the rest. By the end of the night he had passed as well. The rest of Brittany’s crew has done well. My bf and I found homes for them. One went to his boss who had loss her rabbit awhile ago. One went to a friend that works at a store we have been going to for the past 12 years. The only girl went a couple that I found on craigslist, they had house bunnies before. And my Bf took one.

My bunny cages

Both of the Buns live in a 2×3 C&C Cages.





Time out side

Took some pictures of the bunnies out side. I took them out at separate times. I don’t need anymore buns.











September Cage Tour

I have a updated cage tour for the month of September. Its not the greatest. I’m working on that. But here.

Brittany and her crew


Here are some pictures of the buns I took a couple of weeks ago