So much hay.

We found miss Brittany covered in hay last night. lol


Do you mind. trying to eat. 

This is mine

Brittany and seizures :(

Poor Brittany seems to suffer from seizure’s when she is extremely stressed. Her nails grow really slow so i don’t need to clip them every month.  In December when i clipped her nails two days later she had a seizure. Then in March/April i did her nails again two days later she had a seizure. Then the other day i did her nails, they were really bad. Guess what another seizure. 😦 This time i gave her some mint to calm her down before i did her nails. and when she had the seizure it was a lot shorter then the other times. So i think the mint helped her. I have talked to vets about her seizures and they agree it when shes stressed out. Since it only happens when her nails get down and two days later she has them.

Oh Brittany what i’m i to do with you.

Happy Birthday and Mother’s day Brittany!!

Today is Brittany’s birthday which also happen to fall on Mother’s day. So her are so pictures of her babies. Until they found homes we were calling them Baby( the smallest boy) Tank (the biggest boy) Harlow (the only girl) and of course Binky ( at first was Pinky do to him having the only pink nose). Binky was the one that my bf kept. All pictures of the babies are not posed.

Miss Brittany 

*Warning baby overdose*

Harlow on top of tank

Just opened their eyes!





Sleeping babies
Binky, Baby, Tank and Harlow(only girl)
Again Binky, Baby, Tank and Harlow



Binky Cleaning himself

Baby bunny pile!


Harlow and Binky

Tank and Harlow or Biny.  Cant tell from behind, lol

All lined up

A line of sleeping baby bunnies



Tank and the tv remote.

Favorite one of  Binky


Tank and Binky


Bunnies in a box!

 Binky all grownup

Shedding like crazy!

Both Binky and Brittany are shedding like crazy. Each morning its like binky has a second rabbit in his cage. Since then Binky has been even more active then normal. He normally is a very active boy. Greeting everyone that comes though the door, circling them and chinning them. Each and everytime. He does his daily laps around the room and then retires to his corner. He does this several times a day. Latey since since he began his major shedding his been acting even more active. If that’s even possible. lol Like as of now trying to type this im being attacked by his nose. Hes all always been a very inquisitive rabbit. But he just keeps on trying to investigate me and everything that’s around. Hes already 8 months old. So i know he already hit his maturity months ago, when he started his spraying. Not cool.

Brittany and Binky’s Playdate

Brittany and  Binky spent the day together last Wednesday , when the weather was really warm.

New items

These are the things i ordered for Miss Brittany from Dr. Foster and Smith.