Playtime with Peanut and Brittany

Here are some pictures of Peanut and Brittany playing. Brittany was not allowed out, since both buns are not fixed.





Binky turns 2!

King Binky turned 2 on the 4 of july!



Brittany-King Binky’s mom


Some fun with Brittany








So glad I don’t have share this banana chip.




No? I see I’m loved…


Oh your so funny….


Yep this is going online….thanks..


Going smoothly

Mario and Cuteness are getting along fine. Though sometimes Mario will nip at her when she is being a spaz. Mario has also been spending time out of his cage at night. So far so good. Though he has been caught staring at the bf in the middle of the night. O.o

Binky seems to be getting along with everyone through bars. Hopefully soon he will be off to the vet.  Binky has also taken a trip out in the snow a few times. On the days where its not so clod and windy, kinda hard in Wi.

Cuteness once she is old enough, will also be spayed. I’m planning on having Brittany spayed also this year. So lots of vet appointments  this year.

Major News: few changes

Mom is no longer with her bf. 😦 So sadly that means no more pictures or videos of binky. Things went south in Oct and haven’t been right since then. Mom plans on getting some pictures of me for Christmas during her break from school next week. So keep an eye out to that. Sorry to let you guys know.  😦

Here are some pictures of me to hold you over. I decided to rearrange my cage.

Playing around with photoshop

Here are some pictures i was playing around with photoshop. Nothing special.

New video and Brittany photo’s

I finally got round to finishing a video i had filmed of the buns before my camera lens broke. 😦 It was sent to Sony. Hopefully they can fix it or send me a new one. Since it is still under warranty. Ive only had it for 6 months. 😦

Anyways back to the video. It originally was over 20 mins uncut. But i cut it down to about 6-7mins or so. Maybe one day i might feel like making a extended version of it.

To look at more pictures click here

Bunnies and the rain

Had the buns out side last Friday. It stared to rain around 1 when the weather had told us around 2. Gotta love Wisconsin. Here are a few of my favorites of the bunnies. Only Brittany isn’t as photogenic as Binky. But i did get some nice one of her this time. 

King Binky

Miss Brittany

As i said it started to rain, so what to do when you have bunnies out in the pouring rain? Make a large umbrella. lol It was pouring. Pouring They were drier then us. lol