Going back to blogger

I have  decided to move the blog back to blogger. Please up date any links to http://fuzzylittlewabbits.blogspot.com/

Playtime with Peanut and Brittany

Here are some pictures of Peanut and Brittany playing. Brittany was not allowed out, since both buns are not fixed.





Food Review: Sherwood Forest Maintenance Rabbit Food

Maintenance Rabbit Food 

Growing and lactating rabbit food

Binky turns 2!

King Binky turned 2 on the 4 of july!



Brittany-King Binky’s mom


Some fun with Brittany








So glad I don’t have share this banana chip.




No? I see I’m loved…


Oh your so funny….


Yep this is going online….thanks..


Hay Review- Small Pet Select

Feel free to subcribe to us on YouTube!




A weekend Photoshoot

We had some really nice weather this weekend, it was around the mid 30’s and sunny.  So we decided to get some pictures of the bunnies out in the snow. We had Binky out in the snow a couple weeks ago, so we mainly want pictures of the others.  We took each bunny out one at a time on the harness, just long enough to get some nice pictures. Surprising Mr Mario fit in the harness that we have. Mr. Peanut LOVED it. He stayed near us and would hop around between me and the bf.  Mr Mario also seemed to like being outside. He would hop around and start cleaning himself. Miss Cuteness didn’t seem to like the snow, let alone the cooler weather.  She mostly just sat in one spot. lol Silly girl. We hope she will like it better when the weather is warmer and the grass is greener.

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