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Major case of Malocclusion


So everyone knows how important hay is for rabbits. The hay files down their teeth naturally and helps with digestion. On valentines day  the bf and I found a  black  male lionhead. Major case of Malocclusion . Who ever had him didn’t care for him  properly or didn’t want to care for hes teeth.  He is a sweetie. Lets us take pictures of hes teeth and poke around to get a good look at him. Other then his teeth his healthy.

We saw the vet today and she wants him at about 5 pounds. Hes a little under weight. With being with us since valentines day, he was at 3 pounds, and now he weighs 4 pounds and 6 ounces.  They filed down his three front incisors. One of the bottom ones had broken off at some point. and the other bottom was at the middle of his nose. His molars are going to be need some filing also but they have to put him under to do that. She said his has a wave pattern with his molars.  But she wants to see if the hay will now help with it, since now he can eat properly.  Poor little guy. and to think some one just dumped him outside, instead of helping him.



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