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Bunnies and the rain

Had the buns out side last Friday. It stared to rain around 1 when the weather had told us around 2. Gotta love Wisconsin. Here are a few of my favorites of the bunnies. Only Brittany isn’t as photogenic as Binky. But i did get some nice one of her this time. 

King Binky

Miss Brittany

As i said it started to rain, so what to do when you have bunnies out in the pouring rain? Make a large umbrella. lol It was pouring. Pouring They were drier then us. lol

2 thoughts on “Bunnies and the rain

  1. when it starts to rain here Speedy comes tearing up the garden path at full speed straight in the back door and skids to a halt,and then he gives a look of complete disdain as if its all your fault that the rain has come.On the photo's of you fur babies they are just adorable

  2. Awh thats cute! We thought we would let them out for a while before it was to rain. Thought we had more time then what we did. lol oops. Binky loved it. Not sure about Britt. But Thank you!

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