Youtube & Blog

I plan on taking pictures, blogging and making/uploading videos once a week. I did some filming the other day. I just have to edit and upload them. So if anyone has idea for videos and blog topics. Please let me know. 🙂

Brittany and seizures :(

Poor Brittany seems to suffer from seizure’s when she is extremely stressed. Her nails grow really slow so i don’t need to clip them every month.  In December when i clipped her nails two days later she had a seizure. Then in March/April i did her nails again two days later she had a seizure. Then the other day i did her nails, they were really bad. Guess what another seizure. 😦 This time i gave her some mint to calm her down before i did her nails. and when she had the seizure it was a lot shorter then the other times. So i think the mint helped her. I have talked to vets about her seizures and they agree it when shes stressed out. Since it only happens when her nails get down and two days later she has them.

Oh Brittany what i’m i to do with you.