Binky Photos

 Here are some new pictures of binky. Click HERE for the new video of Binky as well.


Here are some pictures of Binky. I should have a video up soon.

Phases and obsessions

Binky seems to go though a phase were hes plays nonstop with either just his toy balls or empty soda bottles or boxes or wooden toys. Where he will just play with those items only for a while and then move on to something different. Or he will be obsessed about a item or two. For a while he was obsessed with a shoes. He would pick up any shoe on the floor and throw them. lol quite funny. Then that stooped and he was all into digging. not cool. Then it was all about cereal boxes and JUST cereal boxes. Not sure what that was about. Then it was JUST soda boxes. lol Then for a while he decided he would start chinning everything and anything he could touch. Which he still does just not to the degree as be for. He also went through a kissing phase. He still kisses but not as much as before. Now lately his newest hobby is circling everyone who come in “His” room, meaning my bf’s room. And he will circle the cats that come in the room as well as the dog. Binky does has a special relationship with one of the male cats. And the cat returns the favor. lol They rub against each other and kiss each other. Its quite the sight.

Shedding like crazy!

Both Binky and Brittany are shedding like crazy. Each morning its like binky has a second rabbit in his cage. Since then Binky has been even more active then normal. He normally is a very active boy. Greeting everyone that comes though the door, circling them and chinning them. Each and everytime. He does his daily laps around the room and then retires to his corner. He does this several times a day. Latey since since he began his major shedding his been acting even more active. If that’s even possible. lol Like as of now trying to type this im being attacked by his nose. Hes all always been a very inquisitive rabbit. But he just keeps on trying to investigate me and everything that’s around. Hes already 8 months old. So i know he already hit his maturity months ago, when he started his spraying. Not cool.